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Sigma Phi Delta Engineering Fraternity

pro bono professionis

The Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity has, since its founding on April 11, 1924, at the University of Southern California, been a Professional-Social Fraternity of Engineers. We are Professional in that, unlike the General Fraternity, we admit to membership only students enrolled or working in a curriculum, or program, leading toward a degree in engineering; that we encourage and expect our Chapters to conduct and to participate in a continuing professional program through symposia, seminars, field trips, and similar programs; and that we encourage our members to give the fullest support to the faculty of the Colleges and Schools of Engineering throughout North America. 

We are Social in that, similar to the General Fraternity, our members maintain and live in Chapter houses; have a social program; participate in athletic programs; and foster a close relationship with our graduated, or alumni, members.

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